TouchALL HUB is a brand that refers to a product in various shape which the PulsIR Touchscreen and PlatKOM(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) software is combined based on speaking presentation function.

Alive Presentation, A vibrant live presentation

TouchALL HUB have applied PlatformCX COMMUNITY software to enable everything about presentation, and a vibrant live presentation, which is a product that gives confidence so that the beginner user can also become a pro presenter.

Convenient and platform based software package using various App

It have made the user to be free from the burden that user have during presentation by developing various software package by itself into a platform type for presentation presenters, and by standard provision in application App. Type, and is a product that could give infinite scalability through touchscreen’s intuitive and easy instructions and App. Development.

HUBRTA-MPT55/MPT65 Smart Multi-touchscreen DID System
  • · Dimensions : 1,300 X 550 X 1,800mm
  • · Weight : ±60kg
  • · Display : 55" FHD LED Monitor
  • · Touch Technology : Infrared type 1~10 points touchscreen
  • · Computing Device : Windows 7 / 8 / 10 OS computing system
  • · Platform Software : PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY)
  • Conference

  • Business Meeting

  • Class Room

  • Conference Meeting