CEO Greetings

Welcome to RNDPLUS


RNDPULS Co., Ltd is the technology based company that develops and sales digital smart specialized product and solutions, and is developing as global Smart Machine Specialist.

Established as personal company in 2003, aimed for global SMART Machine specialized company through corporatization in 2010, and by using technologies such as SMART Machine system and touchscreen, sensor technology, computing based platform software and others, it is developing, manufacturing and selling various SMART Machine and operation products, and to develop into service based company from simple production based company, it is pioneering new business era that is based on software platform, and is constructing new business ecosystem for SMART Machine based service.

RNDPLUS Co., Ltd, is developing into a company that practices “sharing” based on “creative”. “innovation” and “ethical management”, and is making global company image that develops “together” with customer by sincerely performing the role as advanced company that provides new competitiveness by supplying technology integrated products to the customer.

Thank you.

CEO Kim Yong-Chul