• End User License Agreement(EULA)
  • PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) SW End User License Agreement
    (EULA : End User License Agreement)

    End User(hereinafter referred to as, ‘User’), as using this package software as personal user purpose version or as commercial purpose user, shall read this agreements all provisions and descriptions.

  • Article1. Purpose
  • The purpose of this agreement is to clarify the mutual rights・obligation relationship by setting the basic informations for the software use between RNDPLUS Co., Ltd. and the user.

  • Article 2. The definitions of terminology
  • The definitions of terminology used in this agreement are as follows.
    1. ‘This program’ refers to PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) program.
    2. ‘This program’ refers to supplementary data such as this program and this program related manuals.
    3. ‘Use’ refers to use by seeing the supplementary data provided for this programs execution and operation, including this program’s execution and operating(including to install and leave in the state of feasible state).
    4. ‘User’ refers to a person who uses this software for free or by purchasing according to the contents of this agreement.
    5. "Permission to use" means permission of RNDPLUS Co., Ltd. to use this software.
    6. ‘Program reverse analysis’ refers to software code reproduction or conversion to obtain the necessary information for compatibility of individually crated software and other software.
    7. ‘Technical protection measures’ refers to measures that protects the software’s copyright through key technology or device and others that effectively protects the identification number・serial number input for the program or encryption other rights under the copyright law.
  • Article 3. Conclusion of a contract
  • When the purchase user has opened the package that the license key is included, it is seen to agree to the contents of this agreement. However, before purchasing the package containing the license key, the purchaser may return all the contents included in the package to the place of purchase and refund the purchase price.

  • Article 3 (2). For online transactions
  • When the concluded user of the agreement have acquired the software through electronic delivery, such as downloading through free or purchase software from internet shops, by clicking on the "Agree" button on the contents of this End User Agreement during the installation process, it is considered that the user have made consent to the terms of this Agreement. If the purchaser does not click on the "Do not agree" button to proceed with the installation of the software, the user will be entitled to a refund of the purchase price of the software.

  • Article 3 (3). Withdrawal of subscription by buyer in online transaction
    1. The user who has entered into an agreement with RNDPLUS Co., Ltd. for the use of the software may withdraw the subscription within 7 days from the date of receiving the software. However, if RNDPLUS Co., Ltd. takes one of the following actions, the user's right to withdraw the subscription may be restricted.
      1. In case it include facts about software that cannot be withdrawn from the subscription
      2. In case usable goods have been provided
      3. Provided a method of temporary use or partial use
    2. The user may terminate or terminate the End User License Agreement within 30 days from the date on which you received the software, or from the date on notified or otherwise notified of the software.
      1. In case agreed software that has been agreed in user agreement has not been provided
      2. If the software provided is different or markedly different from the display, advertisement, and others
    3. Notwithstanding the right of revocation and termination under Paragraph 2, the right of revocation or termination as provided for in the Civil Act and related laws shall not be excluded.
    4. Withdrawal of subscription under Subparagraph 1 and termination of contract under Subparagraph 2, will be effective when the user have expresses its intentions through writing, by telephone, e-mail or co-transfer to RNDPLUS Co., Ltd. (in the case of writing, on the date of sent date).
    5. RNDPLUS Co., Ltd. will respond to the user promptly after receiving notice of the withdrawal of the subscription or termination of the agreement or the cancellation of the subscription indicated by the user pursuant to Subparagraph 4.
    6. The user may require complete software for a reasonable period of time prior to users intention to terminate or terminate your contract for any reason referred to in Subparagraph 2.
  • Article 3(4) The effect of withdrawal and cancellation of a subscription for a purchaser in online transactions
    1. RNDPLUS Co., Ltd. will refund the money in the same manner as the payment of the money within three business days from the date of the user's intention to withdraw the subscription or from the user's intention of cancellation or termination of the contract. If refunds are not possible in the same way, it must be notified in advance. In this case, when the "Company" delays the refund to the "User", the delayed interest calculated by multiplying the delayed interest rate of 24% per annum for the delay period shall be paid.
    2. In the event that RNDPLUS Co., Ltd. makes a refund in accordance with Paragraph 1, the user can deduct the amount equivalent to the profits from the use of the software and refund.
    3. When RNDPLUS Co., Ltd. refunds the above amount, when the user paid for goods or the like to a payment means such as a credit card or electronic money, it should request the provider who provided the payment method without delay to suspend or cancel the charge of the goods or the like. However, this may not be the case when the amount deduction under Paragraph 2 is required.
  • Article 4. Attribution of the copyright
  • Copyrights and other trademarks, software patents, trade secrets, and others for software are owned by RNDPLUS Co., Ltd, and this rights is protected by Copyright Act and other intellectual property laws and international treaties of the Republic of Korea.

  • Article 5. Grant of license
    1. RNDPLUS Co., Ltd., approves the use of the software to the user in accordance with this agreement. Therefore, the intellectual property rights of the software product are not transferred to the user, and the license under this pursuant to this Agreement shall not be construed as the sale of any intellectual property rights in or to the software product.
    2. The user may use the software in a non-exclusive manner only to the extent and within the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
    3. Personal user version has limited scope of use / function available to purchasers (business version) such as upgrades.
    4. Personal user version can be used for non-commercial purposes only. It may not be used for commercial purposes for commercial organization, group, or individual as well as various exhibitions.
    5. Any violation of the license granted in this Agreement is prohibited by law due to a serious breach of contract and may result in civil and criminal legal penalties
  • Article 6. Upgrade
    1. When the previous version has been upgraded due to the user purchasing the software for new version upgrade, all the rights for this software are transfers to the new version software.
    2. In the case of Paragraph 1, you may not transfer, rent, sell, or use the previous version of the software to any third party. However, the user may use the previous version product and new version product at the same time.
  • Article 7. Downgrade
    1. If the user purchases a higher version of the software, the user may install and use the upper version of the software with a lower version of the software.
    2. If the user wishes to use the software of the higher version and the lower version simultaneously, the user must obtain the consent of RNDPLUS Co., Ltd.
  • Article 8. The transfer of the software
  • User may transfer this software to the third party. The transferee of this software must agree to all of the terms of this agreement, and the transferor must transfer all copies of the software and related supporting materials (including upgrades, if any) and delete all copies

  • Article 9. Production of preservation replica
    1. User may make 1 replica to prepare for this software’s loss, damage or alter.
    2. User may not install or use the replicas created by Subsection 1 on any computer other than a licensed computer
    3. If the user have lost the right to own or use the software under this Agreement, the user must destroy any copies of the software in accordance with Paragraph 1 unless otherwise specified by RNDPLUS Co., Ltd.
  • Article 10. Additional installation
  • The user may install this software to one auxiliary mobile unit additionally, such as user owned personal notebook or mobile device. However, this software may not be used on your computer at the same time as other users' computers.

  • Article 11. Program code reverse
    1. In the event that the user cannot easily obtain the necessary information for compatibility and the acquisition is inevitable, the user may reverse-analyze the software only without the permission of RNDPLUS Co., Ltd.
    2. In the event that the user makes use of the software for any purpose other than compatibility or provides it to a third party, or uses software that is substantially similar to the software for development, production, sales, or other acts that infringe the copyrights of the program, Information obtained through analysis is not available.
  • Article 12. Technical protection measures
  • The software includes technical protection measures to protect rights under applicable laws, including copyright laws, and the user shall agree to the use of technical protection measures. The behavior is prohibited from providing, manufacturing, importing, transferring, lending or transmitting technologies, devices, or services that can circumvent such technical protection measures by avoiding, eliminating, or damaging them.

  • Article 13. Prohibition of modification
  • The user may, for any purpose, may not modify, modify, translate, or may not make derivative works based on the software.

  • Article 14. Mandatory activation
    1. To prevent illegal use and copy, this software includes product activation technology, and while the activation is progressed, it sends information about software and devices to the company, such as the software version, license version, software language, product key, IP address of the device, and hardware configuration information for the device.
    2. Upon activation, the user consent to the transmission of such information, and may not use the software after the activation period unless the user activates the software.
    3. RNDPLUS Co., Ltd. legally uses above information the above information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy (www.platformcx.com) required by the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, and the user agrees to this.
  • Article 15. Personal information protection
  • RNDPLUS Co., Ltd. shall protect personal information of users collected during the process of purchasing, installing, activating, licensing validation and user registration of this software according to laws related to personal information protection such as "Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection Act".

  • Article 16. Compensation for damages
  • RNDPLUS Co., Ltd is responsible for damages incurred to the customer during installation and use of this software due to intention or negligence. However, the company shall not be liable for any damages of more than the price of the product except for the case where the damage is caused by intentional or gross negligence, or in case of damages caused by intention or negligence of the company.

  • Article 17. Termination of the contract
  • RNDPLUS Co., Ltd., if the user does not comply with the terms of use agreement, may terminate this use of contract. In the event of termination of this agreement, the user must destroy all copies of the Software.

  • Article 18. Quality assurance
    1. RNDPLUS Co., Ltd, guarantees that this software operates in accordance with the product manual supplied with this software and that the software has been properly recorded on the disc media. If the software is defective in the recommended hardware environment in which you can use the software, the user may receive exchange, refund, and repair within 180 days of knowing that defective according to the choice of the user.
    2. RNDPLUS Co., Ltd. shall not be liable for any implied warranties other than those expressly warranted in Paragragh 1, including, but not limited to, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
  • Article 19. The duration
  • User may use this software permanently if there is not special stipulation.

  • Article 20. Disputes agreement
  • Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this arbitration of disputes agreement shall be settled by the Korean Copyright Commission.

  • Article 21. Governing Law and the Jurisdiction
  • Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the interpretation or interpretation of the Governing Law and the Jurisdiction of this Agreement shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea. The jurisdiction over all disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be the courts of the Republic of Korea. However, if it is exported overseas and used in foreign countries, it will be a local law and local court

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