• Privacy Statement
  • 1. The personal information that are collected
    1. When generating the account of PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY), the personal information is collected, and the collected personal information are as follows.
      - Name, e-mail address, country information
    2. In addition, information such as below may be collected while using process.
      - Service usage history, access log
  • 2. The purpose of collecting and using the collected information
  • Information collected at PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY), is used to provide the service and user management.
    1. Service provision : Provides the service of PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY), and uses the data require in management and new service development.
    2. User management : User identification confirmation, personal identification, prevention of unauthorized use, joining will confirmation, joining restriction, future legal representative identification, archiving for dispute conciliation, inconvenience treatment, delivery of notice E-mail information can be used to notify the update of PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) or to notify other necessary information. In addition, if the information is to be used as other purpose that differs with the written purpose, the consent shall be requested to the user in advance.
  • 3. Sharing personal information
  • User may share the information with other user of PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY). For example, it shares other user’s personal data when using contents share service or platform data linkage service.

  • 4. Personal information access and update
  • User, when using the PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY), may access and edit their own personal information anytime. PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY), when updating personal information, may request personal identification confirmation to the user.

  • 5. Personal information storage period and destruction
  • In principal, after the achievement of personal information collection and usage purpose, corresponding information shall be destroyed without hesitation.
    The storage period of the personal information is as follows.
    1. Personal information items : Name, e-mail address, country information
    2. Storage purpose : Service usage and member management
    3. The personal information that is printed on a paper shall be shredded by paper shredder or destroyed through incineration
    4. Storage period : Until the cancellation of the service
    5. If you request removal of your personal information, we will remove that personal information unless you have a legal obligation to do so and you do not have a legitimate purpose to maintain that information. Destruction of personal information will remove personal information from the file system, and deleted personal information can not be restored.

  • 6. Providing personal information to the third party
  • In principal, PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) does not provide the personal information of the user exteriorly. However, exceptions apply to below cases.
    1. If the user made prior consent
    2. If it subject to the provisions of the Act, or if there is the request of investigation agency according to the procedure and method set by the Act for investigation purpose, and if the third party provision is conducted, the retain and destroy period of the provision subject, provision purpose, the purpose of provision information’s use, shall be notified to the user.
  • 7. Personal information handling consignment
  • PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) shall not consignment the handling of personal information to external company without the consent of the user. If consigned to an external company later, the consignment subject and consignment work content shall be notified to the user, and shall receive prior consent if necessary.

  • 8. Changes to the personal information processing policy
  • Personal information processing policy of PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) may change frequently. When there is change in personal information processing policy, the corresponding contents will be written in this page, and if the changes are significant, the personal information processing policy in certain service could be notified in a way of sending change notification e-mail. In addition, the previous version is stored so that the user could confirm.

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