It is a brand that refers to unmanned digital sales/promotion system, which is a smart solution that substitutes in store sales promotion related personnel due to expansion of unmanned store.

Unmanned sales/promotion system

Cost effectiveness through unmanned sales/promotion function, AI based voice synthesis and multi-language support

Targeted advertising system

Maximizing the advertising effect and target revenue growth by providing the product advertisement or product information as a target through touching the product that customer is interested in or recognizing the behavior.

Smart Showcase Introduction video
SMART SHOWCASE(TM) Introduction Presentation

The problem of previous store

Occurs customer’s store breakaway and sales loss by the not well trained store staff not delivering the information regarding the product or by making the customer who is shopping to feel burden due to excessive tout behavior.

When using the Smart Showcase

  • Smart Showcase can be easily installed in anywhere in the store as it is stand-alone type structure.

  • The customer that visits the store may check the product information with only touch without the guide of the staff.

  • As it is mounted with spatial recognition system of Smart Showcase on the frame, it senses the customer touching the product that they are interested in or the behavior of holding it.

  • The information about the product can be identified easily without the help of the staff for the information contents of the product that the customer is interested in through the linkage system with real product.

  • Additional detailed information can be seen when the customer wants more detailed information by touching the monitor screen.

  • Cost saving and customer service effect can be maximized through unmanned sales/promotion function, AI based voice synthetic and multi-language support.

Targeted advertisement system

It is a system that provides increase of targeted sales by maximizing the advertisement effect through targeted provision of interested product’s product advertisement or required adequate information after recognizing the behavior of the customer touching or holding the interested product.

Unmanned sales/promotion support system

By providing the information required for product sales on the system in a natural technique, it provides 24 hours unmanned sales/promotion support service even without hiring the trained sales helper. Provides effective product sales function than human through AI based voice synthetic, multi-language support and others. Untact marketing, it solves the disaffection of the people that recognizes sales staff’s product promotion behavior as tout behavior, and is a function that provides convenient unmanned product information to personal and sensitive customer.

Sales contact point management system

Provide sales product related information in one space. Provides product analysis and management technique that is useful to the user by providing information service function for analysis of customer’s interest, then this could me remotely managed using the cloud function, and including the large scaled business feasibility, automated and operational management system’s efficiency could increase for the contents provision

Self-operating intelligent system

Application of AIRTOUCH system, the first introduced and developed as government task, that recognizes the space and with the intelligent product sales/promotion support product that is mounted with PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) operation system of platform type that has outstanding scalability, is a smart product that helps the employer to set differentiated store operation strategy such as automatic on/off function according to the operation time of the sales store, the function that explains the product to the customer with voice, remote management function based on cloud connected by network and others.

AIRSSC-C/W/OSmart Showcase / Smart Sales Machine
  • · Dimensions : 800 x 280 x 2,020mm
  • · Weight : ±60kg
  • · Display : 32" / 21.5" FHD LED Monitor
  • · Touch Technology : Infrared type 1~10 points touchscreen
  • · Computing Device : Pentium CPU computing device system
  • · Platform Software : PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY)
A. Air touchscreen system, installed on the stand’s frame

Unlike the general touchscreen that uses the plane space, the front frame of Smart Showcase is mounted with the air touchscreen system, which is developed as a government task, which enables various space utilization.

B. Information display on connected monitor according to the user’s movement

As this is displayed on the screen according to the user’s movement, it does not do unilateral information delivery towards unspecified majority, but is possible to provide customer customized information, and as it can be easily installed to previous equipment, it can produce various kinds of directions according to the situation of the seller.

C. Senses the user’s movement

The air touch screen system senses the user’s movement, and as it displays the product/goods information that the customer is interested in on the screen, it is possible for the customer to know the desired information easily without the help of the store staff.

Smart Showcase applied case

  • Wine / Liquor Store

  • IT / Cellphone Store

  • Specialties/Fruit and Vegetables Store

  • Sporting Goods Store

  • Publicity gallery/ Drone Store

  • Island type mobile phone / cosmetics kiosk

  • ※ The company customers that does SMART SHOWCASE as ODM/OEM product supply and parts business purpose can receive technical support if you visit the headquarters.
    (SMART SHOWCASE demonstration room is operated in the Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do Headquarter)
  • ※ SMART Sales Machine is the platform software for SMART Machine built in SMART SHOWCASE, and is operated by mounted in PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY).